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Beets aren’t just for slicing and borscht. The work wonderfully in many raw smoothies, and pair brilliantly with both berries and fresh greens to make some winning Live Green Smoothie combinations! Rich in minerals, antioxidants, and the valuable phytonutrients that deep pigmentation gives clue to, this is a beautiful smoothie to give you energy and [...]

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What a beautiful drink. Just looking at this smoothie in your glass, you know it has to be good for you… especially your blood. Whip this one up on Valentine’s Day… or give to your kids and tell them to pretend they’re vampires. Made from fresh beets and mangoes, with a bit of fresh OJ, [...]

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), beets are used to strengthen “spleen” energy, which enhances the ability to produce healthy blood and vital “chi”… certainly important for feeling well-being and energy. It’s the foods with earthy-sweet flavors that are said to enhance this quality, and beets rule this realm with their fabulous earthiness and natural sweetness. [...]

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Last Day for $20 Savings on my LGS Daily Recipe magazine‚Ķ The post below was originally published on my “This Raw Life” blog on November 29, 2009: Angela’s “Shamanic Juju” Raw Smoothie (A Great Way to Enjoy Both Medicinal and Entheogenic Mushrooms) p The Magical World of Mushrooms Amongst raw food enthusiasts there is a [...]

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  • Angela Leeds: Hi Chris, There isn't a substitute for cacao butter because it has a distinct flavor and cools to a very hard texture. It can be hard to find locally
  • Angela Leeds: Hi Maggie -- The goji berries I have used are all dried, like raisins, but I know people who grow them and harvest them fresh! They are very hardy and
  • Angela Leeds: Hi Sharon -- wow, that's great to hear! I know, it can be discouraging out there with so many high-maintenance "raw" recipes. I write the recipes for

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