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31 May, 2010

Saturday’s Live Green Smoothie 85% Challenge Results – Day 8

Posted by: Angela Leeds In: *Live Green Smoothie 85% Challenge


Another good day, in the 85% zone, give or take.

What I Ate

The Raw Stuff

  • Bit of raw honey for early-morning brekkies.
  • Avocado with Salted Honey-Rose Glaze for… let’s call it a late second post-noon breakfast
  • Greek-Style Mushroom-Fresh Corn Wraps for… let’s call it early dinner.
  • 2 blenderfuls of Live Green Smoothies made from 1 whole baby watermelon and 2/3 container baby spinach.
  • 1 blenderful Live Green Smoothie made from spinach, raw cacao nibs, bananas and raw honey… minus whatever the kids got into and scarfed down.

The Non-Raw Stuff

  • Piece of toasted Greek sweet bread (upon which I spread the raw honey for early brekkies).
  • Greek meal with fam for… let’s call it late dinner: marinated Greek-style pork chop, roasted Greek-style lemon-potatoes, and a pile of juicy-delish steamed zucchini.
  • Small bit of Starbucks hot chocolate — got a “Happy Birthday, Have A Free Drink On Us” card from them today, so I cashed it in… and gave most of the drink to my mom while we watched Groundhog Day together. :D
  • Had an espresso in the early morn as well.


Okay, here’s the report so far… Approximately $53.82 spent so far, through 8 days, with a few other bits & pieces already-on-the-premises added into recipes.


Took a day off. Yay.

Special Comments

Appetite seems to be leveling off. Didn’t want to eat as much.


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