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14 Feb, 2010

Raw Aphrodisiac Recipes for Gettin’ In the Mood, Makin’ Whoopie, and Increasing Your Sexual Stamina

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I must confess, I haven’t read a single article or watched even the shortest expose about Tiger Woods’s romantic escapades. Gossip about the man’s indiscretions is everywhere — on the covers of gossip rags at the grocery checkout, on the tongues of lips at the holiday party I attended over the weekend, on late-night comic standup routines. People just love to fan the flames of the heat bearing down on him.

I figure, this mass enchantment with one man’s love life comes down to one thing:

If Americans were busier in their own bedrooms, they wouldn’t care in the least what Tiger was up to in his.

Here’s my contribution to enhancing the romance in the lives of anyone who was even vaguely interested in Tiger’s romantic conquests… a collection of recipes to jack up your libido, romantic ardor, sensuality, and open-heartedness. Because believe me, when you have enough goin’ on in your own world, it won’t occur to you to invest any energy listening to gossip about someone else’s.

I mean, crikey… if you’re well-loved enough, what energy will you have left over for mass media trash-talking?

So… get busy making these delectables to get yourself and your Beloved in the mood… and start minding the business in your own bedroom! Because surely it’s true: if you don’t use it, you’re gonna lose it!

Raw Aphrodisiac Recipes for Gettin’ In the Mood, Makin’ Whoopie, and Increasing Your Sexual Stamina


The Pink Pussycat Martini… A Raw Cocktail for Lovers

With fresh lychee fruit and strawberries — both famed for their capacity to inspire romantic sensibilities — and the allure of vanilla vodka, a couple rounds of these and your lover will have a tiger on his (or her) hands, without a doubt.

You don’t drink? Make without the vodka, chill, and sip in martini glasses all the same.


The “Live Green” Lemon Drop Martini – Simply The Best Lemon-Drop Martini I’ve Ever Had

There’s a cup and half of fresh juice in each recipe, including green juices… the best thing ever to increase your vitality, vigor, and youthfulness.

If your problem is lethargy and laziness, this raw cocktail will perk you right up… it the most pleasantly festive manner.

For teetotallers… it’s the juice in the martini that matters most. Chill, pour into martini glasses, and jack up your energy for… the best part of your day.


The Best Little Chocolate Mousse Tart Ever…And It’s Good For You!

Luscious, creamy chocolate, all the more potent because it’s made with the finest raw cacao powder just bursting with theobromine, the heart-opener, and anandamide, the bliss-inducer.

Eat messily with your fingers, lick the leftover bits off your lover’s lips… and get busy fueling up your own indiscretions.



The Liquid Brownie Raw Chocolate Smoothie

Need something luscious, invigorating, but quick and portable? This is the answer. Whip it up in minutes and take with you to romance your date on-the-go.

Looking to jack up your stamina? Add a teaspoon of raw maca powder to the recipe… it’s served the Peruvian men well for ages.


Chopped Kale-Portabella Mushroom Salad with Creamy Macadamia-Garlic Dressing

Need to wake up after a day at the office? Garlic and the nutritional zing of fresh kale will bring you back to life. Enjoy this revitalizer as a main course with either raw dehydrated flatbread or organic tortilla chips, and you’ll have all the energy you need to fill your life with the memories you currently wish you had… heh.


Savory Savoy Cabbage Salad, Salsa, and Raw Sandwich Filling: An Absolute “Must Make” Recipe!

This chopped salad will not only wake up your taste buds with an explosion of flavor, but it’ll wake up your taste for other yummy things! You’ll feel zingified, enlivened, comforted, satisfied… but not lethargic in the least!

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