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27 Nov, 2009

The Best Creamy Lemon Ice Cream Ever… A Fresh, Living, All-Raw Recipe

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I’m still laughing with glee over this one… it’s mad-crazy delicious, exploding with lemony zing, and as creamy as can be. And took just a few minutes to make from fresh ingredients and a bit of raw cane sugar. And of course, this is entirely without dairy… a true raw vegan recipe for anyone that loves lemon. And for lactose-intolerant non-raw types who are ever in search of great non-dairy desserts and sorbets.

Make it and eat it straight-away, or pop it in the freezer for later… or make a nut crust and fill it with the ice cream to make a frozen lemon cream pie.

This recipe immediately moves into my “top 10 faves”. I may never be without avocados and organic lemons ever again! :D


Recipe: The Best Creamy Lemon Ice Cream Ever…

A Fresh, Living, All-Raw Recipe

I used 1 large lemon and 3 small avocados for this recipe. If you use larger avocados, consider increasing the amount of lemon juice you use. In fact, this might taste amazing with the juice of two lemons — more intense, like a sorbet. And if you have a less powerful blender, adding extra lemon juice will make it easier to get the ice cream to “catch” in the blades of the blender. Do what you gotta do! :D

  • 1 organic lemon (or 2, if you want a really lemony flavor! – it gets milder-tasting after it has been frozen)
  • 3 avocados, just the flesh
  • 1/2 cup raw cane sugar (rapadura)
  • 1/8 teaspoon quality natural salt, such as Himalayan Crystal salt
  • 2 heaping cups ice

Run the entire lemon through the juicer (make sure it’s organic, so you can juice the whole thing, including the peel). Add to blender with the remaining ingredients. Blend until well-combined. On my Blendtec, I use the Ice Cream setting and run it through 2-3 times, taking a break to poke the ice down into the avocado along the way.

If you’ve got a less powerful blender, you may have to work it over a bit to get the blender to “catch” and combine everything. 

Eat right away, use as pie filling, or freeze for use later on. My experience with frozen avocado-based desserts is that they only need to be left out for maybe 20 minutes to soften to a comfortable consistency. [/private]

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